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  • Industry 4.0 Smart Warehouse Logistics

    Smart Warehouse Logistics project makes use of Driver-less Vehicles with Basler Time-of-Flight 3D Cameras Current driver-less vehicles are very limited having to follow certain routes and not having the capacity to react flexibly to change. For example, if a barrier were to be encountered the autonomous vehicle would be forced into…

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  • Industry 4.0 Goods Logistics Robot utilising the Basler ace Camera

    Magazino are known for the building and development of mobile robots for Industry 4.0 logistics with precise, needs-based quantities of delivery. Based in Munich, Magazino explores and pursues new logistics concepts based on autonomous operating robots. What makes Magazino robots unique is that they simply adapt to a new situation in the…

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  • Top athletes benefit from swimming pool vision system

    In 2015, the University of Bath completed a refurbishment of the 50 m swimming pool used to train top athletes. Part of the re-fit included an imaging system commissioned by British Swimming and UK Sport for the purpose of advanced training, which is used to improve swimming techniques, including those…

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  • Floor tile inspection using a vision guided robot

    Unloading and stacking floor tile slabs onto a wooden pallet has been automated using a vision-guided robot. In operation, the automated vision system captures an image of each slab and analyses the image to determine its size, colour and shade. It then compares this with the values from the previous…

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