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  • Basler ace with IMX174 sensor excels in Solar Imaging

    solar image taken with Basler ace

    In seeking the perfect camera for his work in Hydrogen Alpha Solar Imaging, Dr. Green, a British amateur astronomer, contacts Multipix for advice seeking a camera with the characteristics required to match his specific application. The application is solar chromospheric imaging in the hydrogen-alpha waveband at 656.28nm using telescopes fitted with specialized optical…

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  • Thermal Imaging component inspection at BMW

    Automotive Quality Control

    BMW use FLIR thermal imaging cameras for quality control.  Vehicles are subjected to a number of individual and automated quality control measures including analysis in one of ten separate roller dynamometers. Basic functions from signal horn to engine specific performance are thoroughly tested, as is the BMW Night Vision System,…

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  • Label Verification

    label verification

    A commercial printing company specialising in the production of bottle and package labels required verification of label stacks prior to final shipment. Stacks containing very similar labels could be accidentally mixed, and shipped, resulting in mislabelling of product by an end user. A mislabelled product is both an aesthetic and…

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  • Microscopic investigation of Cell Biology with Basler ace Cameras

    Progress in Cell Biology Research with Basler ace USB 3.0 Cameras and the Basler pylon Camera Software. Dartsch Scientific, an institute for cell biology test systems use Basler ace cameras for microscopic investigation. Microscopy is an important technology in research for cell biology, enabling visual investigation of cells. Phase contrast microscopy…

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