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  • Label Verification

    label verification

    A commercial printing company specialising in the production of bottle and package labels required verification of label stacks prior to final shipment. Stacks containing very similar labels could be accidentally mixed, and shipped, resulting in mislabelling of product by an end user. A mislabelled product is both an aesthetic and…

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  • Microscopic investigation of Cell Biology with Basler ace Cameras

    Progress in Cell Biology Research with Basler ace USB 3.0 Cameras and the Basler pylon Camera Software. Dartsch Scientific, an institute for cell biology test systems use Basler ace cameras for microscopic investigation. Microscopy is an important technology in research for cell biology, enabling visual investigation of cells. Phase contrast microscopy…

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  • OmniVision Rail Track Inspection success

    Rail Inspection 3D Profile

    Omnicom Engineering’s OmniVision® system  installed on several specifically designed Measurement & Inspection trains wins further award for their Rail Track Inspection system. OmniVision®  represents a technological revolution in railway inspection by combining high-speed high-resolution cameras and cutting-edge pattern recognition software to automate the detection of track defects. The system improves…

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  • Thermal Imaging checks condition & performance of Cement Kiln


    Today, it’s impossible to imagine the building industry without cement. As an important component of masonry mortar and concrete, the manufacturing of and use of cement products make cement one of the most valuable and useful mineral products in the world.  Cement production is a complex process, in which one of the…

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