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  • Stereo 3D camera helps robots get to grip with bin picking

    Stereo 3D camera solution

    3D machine vision is the future for robot vision. Many applications in robotics and automated serial production can only be satisfactorily implemented using three-dimensional data. This applies equally to challenging assembly processes such as bonding and welding, and to the notoriously tricky process of bin picking. The ability to accurately…

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  • Replacing Firewire with USB3.0 cameras

    Imagine Optic, a French research and development specialist, has dared to take the plunge: It is equipping its newest wavefront camera HASO4 First with Basler ace USB 3.0 cameras, incorporating highly-sensitive Sony ICX424 sensors, thus successfully switching from FireWire. Mathias Bach, Business Development and Sales Manager Europe, gets to the…

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  • Cap inspection system for milk bottle manufacturer

    High financial penalties imposed by supermarket chains when goods are faulty make it paramount that defects are kept to an absolute minimum.  ALS Controls faced a production line running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week manufacturing plastic milk bottles and injection moulded bottle caps. The 40mm diameter moulded…

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  • Sports camera see every angle

    More and more clubs, stadium owners, sports federations, leagues and rights holders in the sports industry have started to use vision. Burgeoning revenues from  broadcasters  for sports content licenses help finance the large budgets for these sports stakeholders. They also want more content control over game footage, training sessions, surveillance…

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