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  • Seeing the benefits of 3D vision

    More and more manufacturing plants are today incorporating machine vision into their factories, especially if using robotics as they embrace the dawn of imaging software’s latest development, a set of comprehensive 3D vision tools.

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  • GigE cameras venture out of the factory

    The Gigabit Ethernet camera innovation offensive is now generating small, easy-to-integrate cameras with low entry level prices. These cameras are increasingly conquering new markets outside of the traditional industrial applications, says Multipix Imaging, machine vision specialist.

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  • Xbox sensor brings cost savings to vision industry

    MVTec Software has initially tested the Microsoft Kinect camera with its machine vision software Halcon 10. This integration brings new low cost options to the machine vision market. The Microsoft Kinect camera is an ultra-low cost vision sensor originally developed for the Microsoft Xbox 360. It combines an RGB camera…

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  • Making sense of written labels

    (OCR with MVTec’s Halcon 10 imaging software)  WITT Weiden, Germany has modernised stock receipt at its large mail order ­warehouse. The solution developed by Eckelmann AG is based on powerful optical character recognition (OCR) within ­HALCON by MVTec partnered in the UK by Multipix Imaging.

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