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Introducing HALCON 13

The next major release of this world renowned Image Processing software is here!

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features HALCON 13 has to offer…



csm_fast_ralley_car_small-snippet_721bb5a105HALCON 13 brings a giant leap in performance for shape-based matching, one of HALCON’s core technologies. For example, speedups of more than 300% can be achieved on machines with AVX2-compatible processors, when searching byte images with a small number of pyramid levels. But not only that, HALCON 13 also offers significant speedups for all related technologies, i.e., shape-based 3D matching, local and perspective deformable matching, and component-based matching.



Texture inspection can be a challenging task because textures often have very different characteristics like scale or bright­ness. Therefore, setting up a texture inspection system is often tricky. HALCON 13 offers an easy-to-use texture inspection, which is configured by simply passing some training images. The algorithm automatically adjusts the necessary parameters based on training images that show flawless texture. The trained texture inspection model can then be used to detect potential texture defects.



In HALCON 13, surface-based 3D matching has beenimproved to be more robust when dealing with flat surfaces. This improvement particularly supports applications like picking of boxes. HALCON 13 also offers a new method to reconstruct 3D objects from multiple cameras with high quality. This new method uses the information of all camera views at once leading to more robust results than provided by common stereo reconstruction methods.



HALCON 13 now offer deep-learning-based OCR for the first time: HALCON now contains a new OCR classifier and comes with a number of pre-trained fonts based on deep learning technology. With these, it is possible to achieve higher reading rates than with all previous classification methods. Furthermore, the automatic text reader in HALCON 13 is faster and now also supports reading of dot print characters.

HALCON 13 also reads bar codes even if large parts of the code are either defective or not visible at all. Additionally, the QR code reader has been improved and is now much more robust against common challenges like blur or distortion.


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HALCON 13 New features

Deep-Learning Based OCR with HALCON 13

Deep-Learning Based OCR


Extra features

New and Improved HALCON 13 features you may not know about…


  • Transparent Colour Settings
  • Anti-Aliased Contours
  • Easier Platform-independent Font Handling
  • New WPF and WindowsForms Controls


A new segmentation tool  that enables the separation of homogeneous gray value objects from inhomogeneous backgrounds or backgrounds in applications with changing illumination.


Even greater flexibility when designing stereo camera setups thanks to HALCON 13’s support of setups using mixed camera types including perspective and telecentric cameras. This also reduces costs and allows for more compact hardware setups.


HALCON 13 adds two new filters to its extensive collection: The bilateral filter and the guided filter. Both filters serve as edge-preserving smoothing filters that allow users to reduce noise while preserving edge information. They can also be used to enhance details, remove small structures in an image, combine different images, and more.   

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