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  • USB3.0 Host Controllers’ Maximum Bandwidth Measurements

    This document presents the test results gained by the Basler Technical Support department after various test measurements with different USB 3.0 host controllers.

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  • USB3.0 Interface & USB3 Vision Standard

    Data, Facts Setup and migrating to USB 3.0.  This paper describes the benefits of the USB3 Vision Standard, shows how USB3.0 cameras can be integrated into a system and demonstrates who will benefit from a switch to the USB3 interface.

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  • How to colour calibrate

    This white paper describes in detail what colour is, how it can be described in figures and how cameras can be colour calibrated. So what is Colour?  And how do we calibrate a camera?….read more  

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  • How to select the correct optics and lens

    Lenses are a crucial part in the chain of image processing. A lens (or better, a lens objective containing several lenses) always involves trade-offs between several different factors such as magnification, field of view (FOV), F-number, spectral range, image size, aberrations, and finally costs.

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