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  • PCI Express explained

    Following successful Conventional PCI tracks, the new PCI Express standard was developed. PCI Express performs as a general purpose high data rate I/O interconnect in multiple market segments and applications. The key Conventional PCI attributes, such as its usage model and software interfaces, are maintained. At the same time, its…

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  • What is sensitivity and why are sensitivity statements often misleading?

    The response curve for a light sensitive sensor can be divided into three parts: the dark area, the linear area and the saturation area. A typical response curve is shown in the graph below. The dark area of the response curve shows the sensor’s response to very low light. The…

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  • How many pixels do you really need?

    When buying a new digital still camera the first question is about the number of pixels.  How good the image quality really is, does often not only depend on the number of pixels.  It also depends to a  big extent on the optics, mechanics and further factors.  But how can one…

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  • Analogue vs Digital Cameras

    An analogue camera provides image information as continuous signal levels that are either displayed directly on a monitor or that are digitised outside of the camera in a second step using special hardware. In a digital camera, the digitisation of the image information is performed inside of the camera immediately…

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