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  • What’s the difference between USB3.0 and USB3.1?

    Over the past few years USB 3.0 has developed into a popular interface technology for applications in the fields of industry, medicine and consumer electronics. USB 3.0 has now established itself alongside Gigabit Ethernet as an important mainstream interface. The term “USB 3.1” is a more recent but increasingly prevalent addition….

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  • CMOS Sensor Technology Assists ITS Applications

    Whatever the traffic application, there’s one crucial requirement they all have in common: excellent image quality. Images taken for traffic monitoring or enforcement purposes must reveal the tiniest details and deliver entirely unambiguous proof to withstand any forensic examination if a traffic violation becomes subject to juridical prosecution. Many ITS…

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  • Superior CMOS Sensors

    Last year the world‘s largest producer of CCD sensors, Sony, announced its plan to stop production of CCD technology and concentrate of the emerging CMOS sensor technology. Since then, many users have made the switch and started to benefit from the high speeds, lower price, reduced image noise and no…

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  • Bottle Inspection with MVTec MERLIC

    Experience MERLIC in Action This video shows a MERLIC-based machine vision solution inspecting bottles for missing caps. The system is running on a standard industrial PC with a standard industrial camera and PLC. This setup in particular shows the following MERLIC features MERLIC Backend with its image-centered user interface The…

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