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  • Embedded Video Interface

    Pleora’s embedded video interface products allow integrators of industrial cameras and other imaging devices to integrate video interfaces with core sensor electronics quickly, with minimal risk. Pleora’s embedded video interface family is extensive. Pleora invented embedded video interfaces for the delivery of video over GigE and 10 GigE, and leads…

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  • External Frame grabbers from Pleora Technologies

    Learn how to take your camera, regardless of it’s connectivity and convert it to your systems interface Pleora’s unique family of external frame grabbers allows manufacturers to integrate any camera into any type of system with plug-and-play simplicity. Unlike traditional frame grabbers, Pleora’s frame grabbers are external to PCs and do not…

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    TRUESENSE Sparse CFAsensor

    The TRUESENSE Sparse Colour Filter Pattern (Sparse CFA) is a four-channel alternative for obtaining full-colour images from a single image sensor.  By adding panchromatic (or “clear”) pixels to the standard red, green, and blue pixels traditionally used for colour capture, image sensors can realise a significant increase in light sensitivity;…

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  • EMVA 1288 Standard

    The EMVA 1288 standard describes a unified method to measure, compute, and present the specification parameters for cameras and image sensors used in machine vision applications. The EMVA 1288 standard includes a well defined method for measuring most common noise sources. It also includes a mandatory and detailed description of measurement setups,…

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