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Flexible 3D camera system with 100 W projector and Gigabit Ethernet connector

With the Ensenso X, IDS is introducing a new 3D camera system that makes 3D vision applications – 3D object recognition, localisation and classification – easier and more flexible to implement. The system comprises a powerful 100 W projector unit with an integrated GigE switch on which two 1.3 megapixel cameras can be mounted at different distances. This facilitates a range of working distances and angles and allows you to capture larger objects, such as whole pallets or entire rooms. The range of applications includes anything from bin picking to warehouse and logistics automation. The Ensenso X36 also features the FlexView2 projector, which ensures an even better spatial resolution as well as a very high robustness of the system for dark, shiny or reflecting surfaces.

The Ensenso X series initially includes the two X30 and X36 models. The 3D camera systems comprise a projector unit and two GigE uEye CP industrial cameras with 1.3 megapixel resolution mounted on special brackets, which are available in different lengths. You can also configure the angle of view of both cameras and choose between various C mount lenses for the camera and projector. This flexibility facilitates a wide range of working distances of up to around five meters, allowing you to capture objects with volumes of several cubic meters, such as whole pallets or entire rooms.

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Basler Expands Microscopy PowerPack with Fast Camera Models and New Sharpening Feature

New microscopy cameras with Sony´s Pregius sensors and PYTHON Sensors from ON Semiconductor offer high resolution and speed. The innovative sharpening feature provides optimised images without loss of speed.

Basler is supplementing its PowerPacks for Microscopy with additional Microscopy ace camera models including the latest CMOS sensor technology. The PowerPacks offer high-quality cameras together with components for a simple system setup and installation.

The Microscopy ace 3.2 MP and Microscopy ace 5.1 MP are equipped with Sony´s high-quality Pregius sensors that provide a speed of up to 55 images per second. This feature set offers both smooth screening of samples and analysis of movements in even the smallest samples. Overall, these Basler cameras deliver image quality that previously could only be achieved with expensive CCD cameras, but now with lower camera temperature and higher frame rates.

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IO Industries Flare 4KSDI compact UHD camera designed to fit in small spaces

IO Indutriess 4KSDI is the first compact 4K/UHD camera head designed to fit where larger cameras cannot. Despite its small size, this camera has the capability to deliver high-quality imagery demanded by industry professionals. The broad feature set makes the 4KSDI easy to deploy in either live event broadcasts or scripted productions.

  • The tough aluminium chassis includes rugged mounting points on all sides, therefore it really is suited to fit anywhere.
  • Multiple interchangeable lens mounts are available including Arri PL, Nikon F and Canon EF, allowing a range of familiar lenses to be used.
  • An integrated Optical Low Pass Filter helps block IR pollution and remove moiré artefacts.
  • Super 35mm global shutter CMOS sensor with 12 stops of dynamic range.
  • Four standard 3G/HD-SDI outputs make connecting the 4KSDI to peripheral devices easy.
  • Depending on the output format, either two or four cables are needed to connect the 4KSDI to a growing selection of 4K/UHD-supported field recorders, monitors, and live production switchers. And, for stereoscopic or panoramic configurations, or live-to-air broadcasts, an HD tri-level sync reference is all that’s needed for precise multi-camera synchronisation.

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IMPERX expands their existing CHEETAH CMOS Camera Line

Multipix Imaging are excited to announce that IMPERX have expanded their existing CHEETAH CMOS camera line.

The recent addition to Cheetah cameras includes OnSemi’s Python series sensors ranging up to 25 Megapixels. The latest sensors feature substantially less fixed pattern noise, better dynamic range and better sensitivity than Vita series image sensors.

The Cheetah series cameras provide many programmable features and pre-processing to assist in any imaging application. In certain Cheetah models wide dynamic range can be activated to provide >100db dynamic range. Without vertical smear or blooming characteristics, the Cheetah is perfect for outdoor or uncontrolled lighting environments.

Find out more about the new C5180 25 Megapixel Cheetah Camera


IO Industries Launches New High-Resolution Industrial Video Camera

IO Industries have announced a new high-resolution industrial video camera offering an unprecedented combination of high resolution and high frame rate. The new Flare 50MP features a 35mm full frame global shutter CMOS sensor and can produce 7920 x 6004 images at over 30 fps. With this capability in a compact camera, higher precision and throughput will be enabled for a variety of digital imaging applications.

Comparable-resolution industrial cameras are only capable of generating a few frames per second, which limits the throughput of production lines that use optical inspection for quality assurance. As well, other sensors with such high resolution often exceed the common 35mm full frame size, which limits lens selection to expensive large-format options. The electronic global shutter capability of the Flare 50MP means fast-moving objects can be imaged without the distortion commonly seen with rolling shutter sensors, and that no mechanical shutter is required, eliminating maintenance.

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Basler’s Time-of-Flight 3D Camera Enters Series Production

Basler’s ToF camera is the first industrial time-of-flight camera with VGA resolution in the mid-range price. It delivers each individual pixel together with associated depth data, is easy to integrate and offers potential savings within the overall system.

Leading industrial camera manufacturer Basler bring their 3D camera to the market. The Basler ToF camera operates on the pulsed time-of-flight principle. It is equipped with eight high-power LEDs in the NIR range and generates 2D and 3D data in one shot with a multipart image, comprised of a range, intensity and confidence map.  It delivers distance values in a working range of 0 to 13.3 meters, 20 frames per second and connects via a standard GigE interface. The measurement accuracy of the Basler ToF camera is +/-1 cm at a range of 0.5 to 5.8 meters. It offers powerful features such as HDR, multichannel, trigger or PTP. These features make it simple and easy to implement applications even in complex systems.

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USB3.0 Basler pulse with global and rolling shutter options

A compact design makes the new pulse series from Basler an ideal camera to be in the medical / life sciences markets, traffic (ITS) and retail, as well as for microscopy applications.

The Basler pulse stands out with its light weight and compact 38.8 mm x 28.2 mm (diameter x length). The robust and elegant metal housing of the pulse series has an integrated tripod adapter and the CS-mount can easily be converted to a C or S mount.  Equipped with the easy-to-use USB3 Vision interface and impressively low 1.3 watt power consumption.  With its new generation of CMOS sensor technology, the camera series offers excellent colourful image quality, with resolutions between 1.2 and 5 MP. Global shutter and rolling shutter options are available, as well as frame rates up to 54 fps.

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