Machine Vision solutions with Embedded PC’s & Industrial Cameras

Machine Vision solutions with Embedded PC’s & Industrial Cameras


Embedded PC’s are being used by a huge range of industries all over the world that require high-performance computing power that’s easy to integrate into their existing device or serve as the brains for a stand alone dedicated task. Embedded PC’s are constantly in use all around us and will play key role as we develop our Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) working practices. Finding the most suitable embedded PC requires a complete understanding of the unique application in which it will be used with Fan, Fanless & Wireless models to consider.

Embedded PC’s and Industrial vision cameras work in perfect harmony to create the beginnings of a vision system.  Once image processing software is included in the mix then an intelligent decision can be made as the images are processed from the cameras.  Multipix Imaging specialise in these products.

  • Take a look at our selection of Embedded PC’s;

  • Why not include Machine Vision Image Processing software from MVTec to complete your intelligent inspection system? Find out more about HALCON and MERLIC to help decide which one is right for you.

The new Basler PowerPack concept was created to assist with Embedded Vision solutions, allowing you to easily set up a camera system for your specific application. Based on the successful Basler dart, pulse and ace series, all Basler PowerPacks come with a camera and the various accessories required to get your system up and running. Select from:medical-productimage

  • Basler’s PowerPack dart USB for Evaluation – an easy to use evaluation kit for system integration

  • Basler’s Power Pack ace and pulse for Microscopy – complete plug and play package for microscopic imaging

One area Embedded Vision is being used widely is within Medical applications, very often you don’t even realise that a small camera is being used within a medical devices, read more about these areas and how Basler camera technology is coming to their aid.

Basler’s Imaging Hub


Imaginghub, a new community around embedded vision topics, is now online and open for user registration. The web-based collaboration portal will give engineers, software developers, and hobbyists the unique opportunity to work on joint embedded vision solutions, find project partners, share knowledge and reference designs, and present their projects to a broader audience. Register for an account now!


Multipix Imaging have been helping customers create successful vision solutions for the last 20 years, collectively we hold a wealth of expertise, for further component information please contact 


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