1. Flare 48MP Series with Latest CMV50000 Sensors

    IO Industries Flare 48MP family of industrial video cameras designed with advanced CMOS image sensors, now come with the all new CMV50000 sensors. These sensors feature high pixel counts, producing highly detailed images with a 7920 x 6004 resolution. The sensor also features very fast readout, allowing frame rates up to 30 frames per second….

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  2. The Ensenso X 3D Series Now With IP65/67

    The Ensenso X series is extended with models for rough environments. All components of the new Ensenso X30 FA and X36 FA camera systems fulfil the requirements of protection code IP65/67 and are effectively protected against dust, dirt and water splashes. The projection module is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet Switch and will be combined…

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  3. The Rise of the Embedded ARM platform

    Over the past decade, the ARM embedded computing platform has come to dominate smartphones and other applications where the primary emphasis is on low cost, power consumption, size and weight. Over the same period, personal computing platforms based on Intel architectures have maintained a substantial lead in processing power, ensuring their continued dominance of most…

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  4. Basler PowerPack for Microscopy Enhanced for Fluorescence Imaging

    The Basler PowerPack for Microscopy now pays tribute to challenging fluorescence applications. New monochrome Basler Microscopy ace cameras offer best imaging performance due to Sony´s latest CMOS technology. The Basler Microscopy Software 2.0 comes along with dark skin mode and fluorescence colour preset. Camera manufacturer Basler enhances its PowerPack for Microscopy to address the challenging…

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  5. Basler, World Renowned Camera Manufacturer Publish EMVA Standard 1288 Compliance

    Have you heard of the EMVA 1288 Standard? Developed by the European Machine Vision Association with the goal of standardising image quality and sensitivity measurements for Machine Vision cameras and sensors. Basler, known for the highest of quality cameras have been working with this standard for many years.  This has proven an invaluable source of…

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  6. Full HD in High Speed: The ECCO 95 Series

    The new 3D laser sensors from the ECCO 95 series from SmartRay combine image processing in full HD quality with scan rates of 10 kHz, along with a 3D point rate of more than 15 million 3D points per second and real-time data transfer. Housed in a compact industrial grade design with a simple interface,…

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  7. New HALCON Version With Comprehensive Deep Learning Functionality

    Multipix Imaging announce a new version of MVTec’s standard software HALCON 17.12. The release, which will become available at the end of the year will offer a large selection of functions for the use of deep learning out of the box. It paves the way for the wide use of self-learning machine vision technology based…

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  8. Eight New Basler ace U Models with Sony STARVIS Sensors

    Basler’s most successful camera series is expanding its portfolio: Eight new Basler ace U models with the innovative back-illuminated rolling shutter CMOS sensors from Sony’s STARVIS line go into series production. These eight models offer resolutions of 6 and 12 megapixels and deliver up to 59 frames per second. The eight new Basler ace U…

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  9. ADLINK NEON ‘Ready-to-Go’ Smart Camera with easy-to use MERLIC Software

    Multipix announce the new ADLINK NEON-1021-M, delivering a high performance all-in-one machine vision camera combined with MVTec’s Merlic Imaging Software providing quick deployment of smart camera solutions with minimal configuration effort. ADLINK’s NEON-1021-M features high performance quad-core Intel Atom processors, speedy multi-ROI image capture, 2MP global shutter image sensors, and PWM lighting control support. High-speed…

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