1. Pleora iPORT CL-Ten External Framegrabbers With High-Performance GigE Vision 2.0 Connectivity

    iPORT CL-Ten External Frame Grabbers High-performance GigE Vision 2.0 connectivity for Camera Link Full and Medium cameras over 10 GigE links Pleora’s iPORT CL-Ten External Frame Grabbers use a high-performance GigE Vision 2.0 over 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GigE) link to transmit video simultaneously from two Camera Link Base or Medium cameras, or a single…

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  2. MultiPix announce distribution agreement with Photoneo

    Multipix Imaging are delighted to announced that they have entered into an agreement with Photoneo, Slovakia, to distribute their 3D area sensors products within the UK & Ireland. Photoneo, with their patented technology of advanced 3D vision technology, are setting a new benchmark for smart vision systems. Helping to drive the future in autonomous systems,…

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  3. Introducing Euresys Octo – An 8 Connection CoaXPress Framegrabber

    Euresys is a pioneering force behind the CoaXPress standard and likes to keep up a fast pace when it comes to innovations. It’s now introduced an 8-connection CoaXPress frame grabber. It was four years ago that the first cards of the Coaxlink series (Euresys CoaXPress frame grabbers) were announced in December 2013. Today, Euresys provides…

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  4. Basler Introduces MIPI/CSI-2 Technology for Embedded Systems

    MIPI/CSI-2 Interface

    Camera manufacturer Basler will be introducing the most widely used camera interface for embedded systems this coming Autumn. An extension module will let users operate its dart camera modules via the MIPI/CSI-2 camera interfaces of important embedded processing platforms (CSI-2: Camera Serial Interface 2). In the CSI interface many users in the machine vision field are…

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  5. Basler Lens Series Expands with 2 Megapixel Standard Lenses for Sensors up to 2/3″

    The new 2/3″ lenses are suitable for sensors with a resolution of up to 2 megapixels and suit applications where low resolutions are sufficient. The new C-mount lenses are optimised for use with Basler ace, dart and pulse cameras with sensors between 1/2″ and 2/3″, with excellent price/performance ratio. The 2/3″ Basler Lenses suit cost-efficient…

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  6. Deep Learning at Your Fingertips with the New Halcon 17.12 Imaging Software

    MVTec’s lastest Halcon release includes an extensive set of cutting-edge deep learning functions, that can be readily applied to industrial inspection tasks. It is the first time that customers can train their own CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks) with MVTec HALCON on the basis of deep learning algorithms, using sample pictures of their specific application. Training…

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  7. Camera manufacturer Basler enhances its microscopy portfolio

    The new Microscopy Basler ace camera model offers a high resolution of 12.2 megapixels with up to 15 frames per second and features the latest rolling shutter CMOS sensor IMX226 from Sony’s STARVIS line. This innovative sensor works with a new technology using back side illuminated pixels and offers very low dark noise of only…

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  8. Flare 48MP Series with Latest CMV50000 Sensors

    IO Industries Flare 48MP family of industrial video cameras designed with advanced CMOS image sensors, now come with the all new CMV50000 sensors. These sensors feature high pixel counts, producing highly detailed images with a 7920 x 6004 resolution. The sensor also features very fast readout, allowing frame rates up to 30 frames per second….

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  9. The Rise of the Embedded ARM platform

    Over the past decade, the ARM embedded computing platform has come to dominate smartphones and other applications where the primary emphasis is on low cost, power consumption, size and weight. Over the same period, personal computing platforms based on Intel architectures have maintained a substantial lead in processing power, ensuring their continued dominance of most…

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