1. Eight New Basler ace U Models with Sony STARVIS Sensors

    Basler’s most successful camera series is expanding its portfolio: Eight new Basler ace U models with the innovative back-illuminated rolling shutter CMOS sensors from Sony’s STARVIS line go into series production. These eight models offer resolutions of 6 and 12 megapixels and deliver up to 59 frames per second. The eight new Basler ace U…

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  2. ADLINK NEON ‘Ready-to-Go’ Smart Camera with easy-to use MERLIC Software

    Multipix announce the new ADLINK NEON-1021-M, delivering a high performance all-in-one machine vision camera combined with MVTec’s Merlic Imaging Software providing quick deployment of smart camera solutions with minimal configuration effort. ADLINK’s NEON-1021-M features high performance quad-core Intel Atom processors, speedy multi-ROI image capture, 2MP global shutter image sensors, and PWM lighting control support. High-speed…

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  3. How Does Machine Vision Aid Lab Automation?

    Lab Automation with Vision Thanks to technical, scientific and medical progress, human life expectancy has increased considerably in recent decades. Precise, highly technical and increasingly automated equipment in large hospitals and labs now provides valuable support in numerous measuring and analytical tasks. Why use machine vision in lab automation? Rising cost pressure – Automation through modern…

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  4. Open eVision 2.0 Image Analysis Software From Euresys

    Open eVision 2.0 includes a new optical character recognition (OCR) library, EasyOCR2, new segmentation algorithms, text rotation support, and licensing system simplifications. EasyOCR2 includes optimisation for reading short texts- including part numbers, serial numbers and expiration dates. It also includes a segmentation algorithm to automatically locate text in an image based on expected character size…

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  5. Basler Announce Their ace L Series Has Entered Series Production

    Basler is starting the series production for all models in its new ace L product line. This expansion of the ace series includes twelve new cameras with the high-resolution CMOS sensors of the latest generation from Sony’s Pregius line. The twelve new ace L models offer resolutions of 9 and 12 megapixels and frame rates…

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  6. MidOpt StablEDGE Filters – Minimising the Effects of Short Shifting

    MidOpt StablEDGE optical filters are specifically designed to be less susceptible to effects from angular shifting seen when optical filters are placed in front of short focal length (<12mm) camera lenses. This feature is becoming increasingly important as today’s trend in machine vision imaging progresses toward more compact inspection layouts, which utilise less space and…

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  7. Basler ace Series Expands With Product Lines ace classic, ace U and ace L

    As the successful Basler ace Series expands further with 20 new sensor models, Basler also divide the series into three product lines: ace classic, ace U and ace L for a clearer selection of the various ace models and a better distinction of their features. ace classic includes the ace models with CMOS sensors from…

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  8. MidOpt Neutral Density Filters Reduce Light Intensity Without Affecting Colour or Contrast

    Neutral Density Filters, as Midopts say are “sunglasses for your system“. Designed to reduce light intensity neutrally over a specific wavelength range without affecting image colour or contrast. They also serve as a great solution for lens aperture control and reducing depth of field. Neutral Density Filters are available in both absorptive and reflective style…

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  9. Euresys Framegrabbers Provide Fast Alternative to 3D Inspection

    The introduction of the Coaxlink Quad 3D-LLE frame grabber from Euresys enables users to build higher-performance 3D vision measurement systems at a lower cost by selecting the camera, lighting, optics and image processing solution that is best suited for their application. The frame grabber generates topographical maps in the same manner as 3D integrated sensors,…

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