1. New Imaging Filters help with aerial crop monitoring

    MidOpt latest Imaging Filters Designed for use in aerial crop monitoring, the Bi725 Red Edge Bandpass Filter is a 25nm FWHM filter which isolates the wavelength region where the most rapid change in reflectance occurs in foliage. This occurs when plants are stressed or dying, and the photosynthesis slows down or stops. IR wavelengths are absorbed,…

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  2. ProPhotonix Introduce NEW COBRA Multispec LED Line Light

    ProPhotonix announce a new multispectral LED line light, COBRA MultiSpec. COBRA MultiSpec offers extremely bright and uniform illumination with discrete control of up to 12 wavelengths available. COBRA MultiSpec is designed to deliver multispectral tunable illumination allowing you to optimise your image acquisition. To enable rapid data acquisition and analysis, multispectral strobe patterns with up…

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  3. Multipix joins Pleora Technologies at the Armoured Vehicle Situational Awareness Conference

    Multipix joins Pleora Technologies at the Armoured Vehicle Situational Awareness Conference, taking place on 29th and 30th March at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, London. The leading conference for armoured vehicle experts focused on C2, C4i, sensors and optronics, the 2017 show invites not only the programme managers, capability directors and operational commanders from the armed…

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  4. Multipix Host Successful 3D Technology Event

    Multipix Imaging host a successful ‘WiseUp’ event dedicated to 3D Technology, with fantastic feedback from those that attended. Multipix took this opportunity to update the attendees on all aspects of 3D Camera technologies, including time-of-flight, stereo vision and sheet-of-light.  The importance of identifying the correct 3D imaging tool for your application and much more. Missed this event? Visit…

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  5. LED Backlights From Opto Engineering Target Demanding Industrial Automation Environments

    Featuring uniformity down to ±10 %, the LTBP strobed LED backlights from Opto Engineering are designed for operation in inspection and measurement of fast moving objects in industrial automation applications. The LED backlights are available in multiple size options and models, ranging from 48 x 36 to 288 x 216 mm, in red, white, green,…

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  6. UKIVA creates new event for the imaging industry in the UK, see Multipix at this event

    The one-day event taking place at the ArenaMK, Milton Keynes, 27th April 2017, will feature around 50 technical vision seminars alongside over 30 demonstration stands, giving delegates the opportunity to see and hear about real-world examples of how machine vision is delivering value and creating competitive advantage as well as offering insight into future developments….

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  7. New Flexible GigE 3D camera system, the Ensenso X series

    With the Ensenso X, IDS is introducing a new 3D camera system that makes 3D vision applications – 3D object recognition, localisation and classification – easier and more flexible to implement. The system comprises a powerful 100 W projector unit with an integrated GigE switch on which two 1.3 megapixel cameras can be mounted at…

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  8. Basler Expands Microscopy PowerPack with Fast Camera Models and New Sharpening Feature

    New microscopy cameras with Sony´s Pregius sensors and PYTHON Sensors from ON Semiconductor offer high resolution and speed. The innovative sharpening feature provides optimised images without loss of speed. Basler is supplementing its PowerPacks for Microscopy with additional Microscopy ace camera models including the latest CMOS sensor technology. The PowerPacks offer high-quality cameras together with…

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  9. Datalogic launch new MX-E Series Vision Processors powered by IMPACT software

    New Vision Processors gives Maximum Power and Extreme Flexibility The MX-E Series of GigE vision processors delivers extraordinary computing power and unmatched application flexibility guaranteeing long-term product availability. The highest-quality hardware components delivered in a rugged chassis ensure robustness and long-life service. Compared with the previous MX vision processor generation, the MX-E processors are up…

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