1. Multipix successfully launch HALCON 13 imaging software to UK customers

    Multipix Imaging together with MVTec, the creators of the world renowned HALCON, launch the latest version in Coventry last week. The latest HALCON 13 tools and developments were covered in depth, including the OCR deep based learning capabilities and much more. Multipix received excellent delegate feedback on the day and its content. Multipix will be sure to continue…

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  2. Coaxlink assists in Embedded Vision

    CoaXPress logo

    Euresys showcased their latest products at Vision 2016, including the Coaxlink Quad G3 DF, a CoaXPress card that allows the distribution of image processing workload among several host PCs; and the InterPC C2C-Link adapter, an accessory that eases the synchronisation of cameras. A drone application was also shown featuring the Coaxlink Duo PCIe/104, a ruggedised,…

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  3. Basler to Release PowerPack for Embedded Vision Applications

    The Basler PowerPack for Embedded Vision is a development kit for integrating a Basler dart camera with a BCON for LVDS interface. It contains a dart camera module, a processing board based on the Xilinx ZYNQ-7010 as well as additional accessories and offers a complete sample setup for an LVDS-based camera connection. Basler’s development kit…

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  4. ProPhotonix COBRA CURE FX Series for UV Curing System

    ProPhotonix have announced the COBRA Cure FX3, an extension to its UV LED Curing systems. The COBRA Cure FX3 is the highest intensity air cooled product in ProPhotonix’ UV family. Ultraviolet curing (commonly known as UV curing) is a photochemical process in which high-intensity ultraviolet light is used to instantly cure or “dry” inks, coatings…

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  5. Basler’s Time-of-Flight 3D Camera Enters Series Production

    Basler’s ToF camera is the first industrial time-of-flight camera with VGA resolution in the mid-range price. It delivers each individual pixel together with associated depth data, is easy to integrate and offers potential savings within the overall system. Leading industrial camera manufacturer Basler bring their 3D camera to the market. The Basler ToF camera operates…

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  6. MVTec’s HALCON 13 UK Launch – Register Now!

    Join Multipix and MVTec for a FREE technical day as we introduce the latest version of the world renowned HALCON 13 Machine Vision Imaging Software. The latest tools and development will be covered in depth, including the OCR deep based learning capabilities. Learn more about the latest release and register now!  

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  7. Not All Cameras Are Equal

    The PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor are currently among the most powerful sensors for the machine vision industry. They combine excellent image quality with high speeds and are therefore highly suitable for the challenging tasks of many machine vision applications. The successful Basler ace series includes models using the PYTHON sensors. Sensor alone does not…

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  8. Basler Introduce New Imaginghub Embedded Vision Web Portal

    You can now visit and register on Imaginghub, a new community that supports users in combining embedded design and vision technology. The web-based collaboration portal is a unique platform for engineers, software developers, ranging from beginner to professional level. Imaginghub meets the emerging trend towards combining embedded design and vision technology. The embedded approach allows…

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  9. ProPhotonix announce new COBRA RGB Line Light

    ProPhotonix have announced an extension to the popular COBRA Slim Series with the introduction of COBRA RGB, a new multispectral line light. Developed utilising Chip-on-Board technology, COBRA RGB delivers high intensity and unrivalled uniformity. In addition, COBRA RGB has Ethernet control as standard allowing users to remotely tailor the colour of the illumination to maximise…

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