• Moritex LLS3 LED

    Moritex LLS3 LED

    LED based light source using new high brightness, cool white LEDs achieving 150W DDL Halogen lamp levels in the same compact footprint. The LLS3 has fast triggered strobe capabilities and internal light feedback.

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  • Moritex DCR 3

    Moritex DCR 3

    DC-regulated 150 watt-halogen light source.
    Powered by an internal switching power supply with universal input voltage. Choice of 3 halogen lamp types (EKE,EJA & DDL). 9-pin analog or RS-232 control.

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  • Moritex DCR 4

    Moritex DCR 4

    DCR 4 with light feedback, includes all the standard features of the DCR 3 light source, plus an integrated equalizer. A light feedback loop is integrated into the equaliser to provide stabilised light output.

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  • Moritex MaVi-S Xeon Strobe

    Moritex MaVi-S Xeon Strobe

    High-intensity xenon light source. Used with fibre optic light guides emits very short (down to 10us) extremely intense (up to 2.16 Joules) light pulses. Intended for high speed image capturing of moving objects.

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