Special Fibre Optics

  • Moritex Lightline Lenses

    Moritex Lightline Lenses

    Adjustable cylindrical and apertured lenses are available as standard products for most linelights ranging from 1″ to 16″ long or custom made. Designed to focus light from the line light to increase intensity up to a factor of 10.

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  • Moritex Bundle Extenders

    Moritex Bundle Extenders

    Couplers to extend the length of all ring lights, bundles, goosenecks, line lights, and backlights. Black anodized aluminium construction.
    PLEASE NOTE: Using a bundle extender results in a 30-40% light loss.

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  • Moritex Ringlights Darkfield Adaptors

    Moritex Ringlights Darkfield Adaptors

    Adaptors for fibre optic ring lights. Light exits at a nominal 20° horizontal angle and illuminates a 1” (25.4mm) diameter. Working distance from .10” (2.5mm) to .38” (9.7mm). Optional Iris allows adjustment of darkfield spot size

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  • Euresys
  • Kowa
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