Thermal Cameras

  • FLIR A310

    FLIR A310

    An extremely popular camera with world class performance.

    • Built-in extensive analysis functions
    • Built-in alarm functions
    • Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP compliance
    • MPEG-4 streamed video
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  • FLIR A315/A615

    FLIR A315/A615

    The FLIR A315/A615 can be ordered in an environmental housing (to IP66)

    • 320×240 pixels @ 60Hz
    • Signal linear
    • Temperature linear
    • Radiometric
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  • FLIR Ax5 Series

    FLIR Ax5 Series

    Consisting of the A35 and A65, the FLIR Ax5-Series can help your continuous automated processes run smoother.

    • Extremely Affordable and Compact
    • High Thermal Sensitivity and Image Quality
    • GigE Vision Standard Compatibility
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  • FLIR AX8

    FLIR AX8

    The AX8 combines thermal and visual cameras in a small, affordable package.

    Helps guard against unplanned outages, service interruptions and equipment failure. You’ll get the benefits of continuous condition monitoring and hot spot detection without the need for manual scans.

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  • FLIR A6600/A6650

    FLIR A6600/A6650

    The A66xx produces crisp thermal images of 640×512 pixels.

    Thermal cameras can help you see minute temperature differences, capture high speed processes and thermal events, measure temperatures of very small targets, and synchronise with other measuring devices.

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  • Euresys
  • Moritex
  • Kowa
  • Basler
  • Imperx
  • FingerLake Instruments