Machine Vision Cameras

Basler pilot

Exceptional image quality, the Basler pilot machine vision cameras are a slim compact design with GigeVision interface.

High quality sensors

The 1megapixel and 2megapixel cameras from the pilot range are listed here and are all using the Truesense Imaging (formerly: Kodak) CCD sensors for excellent image performance.

These 1 and 2 megapixel cameras use sensors with 7.4micron square pixels, which offer great noise-to-signal performance and produce brilliant image quality.

Comprehensive quality testing and calibration for consistently high performance and reliability

Basler pilot industrial camera highlights
  • Monochrome (gm) or Colour (gc) versions
  • 8/12bit
  • Up to 100metre cable lengths
  • Small, rugged housing for easy integration
  • EMVA 1288 reports available
Why buy a Basler pilot camera from Multipix Imaging ?
  • Expert advice on camera selection
  • Reliable and respected pre-sales and post-sales technical support
  • One stop shop and for the whole vision chain
  • Extensive application knowledge
  • OEM account management
  • Friendly and dependable staff
Where to use a Basler pilot machine vision camera
  • Medical Imaging – including X ray imaging, endoscope cameras, micro cameras and other video cameras for medical applications.
  • Aerospace and Military – aerial imaging, spacecraft camera deployment, surveillance and security
  • Traffic and Transportation – number plate recognition, road inspection, rail inspection, motorway and access monitoring.
  • Industrial Manufacturing/Automation Inspection – soldering , electronic components, measurements , silicon wafer , PCB , X-ray etc.


GigE Vision
  • Power over Ethernet Single Port Injector
  • 12V/DC Power Supply with HRS 12pin connector
  • 8-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch with 2 Gigabit Fibre SFP
  • PCIe Express GigE dualport Card
  • Intel Pro/1000 GT Desktop,PCI,Single Port
  • Power- I/O Cable, HRS 12p, open, twisted pair, 3m or 10m
  • GigE CAT6 cables
  • Tripod Mounts

Models Available

  • piA1000-48gm CCD KAI-1020 1004 × 1004 48fps
  • piA1000-48gc CCD KAI-1020 1004 × 1004 48fps
  • piA1000-60gm CCD KAI-1020 1004 × 1004 60fps
  • piA1000-60gc CCD KAI-1020 1004 × 1004 60fps
  • piA1600-35gm CCD KAI-2020 1608 × 1208 35fps
  • piA1600-35gc CCD KAI-2020 1608 × 1208 35fps
  • piA1900-32gm CCD KAI-2093 1928 × 1084 32fps
  • Basler Pylon SDK Data Sheet
  • Moritex
  • Imperx
  • Euresys
  • IO Industries
  • FingerLake Instruments
  • Basler