Power Supplies

12V/2A PSU, M5 4pin

Power supply for Basler ace Camera Link cameras.

The power supply delivers 12 volts, comes with a M5 4-pin connector on the camera side and a C14 jack for power supply. The cable for the camera is 1.5 meters long. An additional power cord with a IEC type C14 connector is required (not included).

  • Power Requirements – 90V – 264V
  • Cable Length – 1.5 m
  • Connector Camera Type – M5 4-pin
  • Connector Type Power Supply – IEC Type C14

Models Available

  • 12V/2A PSU M5 4pin
  • Euresys
  • Imperx
  • Moritex
  • Basler
  • FingerLake Instruments
  • IO Industries