Machine Vision Cameras

Basler Runner

Basler runner is a tri-linear 2k colour line scan camera, with a GigE Vision interface for ease of installation and up to 100 metres cable length.

What is a runner tri-linear camera?

It is a camera that uses a sensor with three lines; one red, one green and one blue. The camera will expose the three lines repeatedly while the object in view is moving, thus building up a 2D colour image within its memory.

When the specified number of lines is reached (either specified by the user, or limited by the camera’s memory size), the runner will transmit the image to the PC.

The camera driver places the image into a memory buffer created by the user’s software. This buffer can then be accessed by the software for image processing, saving, etc

Benefits of Basler runner tri-linear camera include;
  • Cost effective
  • High resolution
  • Good colour separation
  • Widely used
  • Line rate of 9,20 kHz
  • Standardized GigE interface

Tri-linear line scan cameras offer a cost effective way of scanning moving objects at high resolution.

If special care is taken when adjusting these cameras, their colour fidelity and accuracy can match even the much more expensive 3-CCD line scan cameras.

Pylon Camera Software Suite

To assist camera integration, Basler have developed the pylon camera software suite which is based on the GenICam Technology.

GenICam ensures easy access to new cameras and features from a common platform. This helps developers to create a plug-and-play camera interface application for total flexibility.

Typical applications for Basler runner

Basler ace industrial cameras are used where high resolution combined with high frame rates are required, such as;

  • Printed Circuit Board Inspection (e.g. conducting path control, alignment, duplication, and code recognition)
  • Surface Inspection (e.g. paper, textiles, roads, railways)
  • Thin Film Inspection (e.g. bare glass inspection, coating inspection, and final inspection)
  • Wafer Inspection


Gige Vision
  • Power over Ethernet Single Port Injector
  • 12V/DC Power Supply with HRS 6pin connector
  • 8-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch with 2 Gigabit Fibre SFP
  • PCIe Express GigE dualport Card
  • Intel Pro/1000 GT Desktop,PCI,Single Port
  • Power- I/O Cable, HRS 12p, open, twisted pair, 3m or 10m
  • GigE CAT6 cables
  • Tripod Mounts

Models Available

  • ruL2098-10gc CCD KLI-2113 3 × 2098 9.2kHz
  • Basler Pylon SDK Data Sheet
  • FingerLake Instruments
  • IO Industries
  • Imperx
  • Moritex
  • Basler
  • Euresys