Machine Vision Cameras

Basler Racer

The Basler racer CMOS line scan camera offers flexible CameraLink or GigEVision interface and ease integration, which is supported by a very compact design.

Truly outstanding price and performance

Basler racer line scan cameras shrink both the space required and the cost involved in securing superior speed, reliability and image quality. Measuring a slim 36.2 mm x 56 mm x 62 mm (without lens adapter or connectors), it’s a perfect fit for most systems and perfect for multi-camera applications.

Features of racer
  • At 4k resolution a maximum of 80 kHz is possible using CameraLink and 26 kHz using the GigE Vision interface
  • The latest CMOS technology with 7μm x 7μm square pixels
  • Low energy consumption and heat dissipation
  • F-mount or M42 (×1.0 or ×0.75) adapter lens adapter options
Integration made easy with Basler Pylon software

To assist camera integration, Basler have developed the pylon camera software suite which is based on the GenICam Technology.

GenICam ensures easy access to new cameras and features from a common platform. This helps developers to create a plug-and-play camera interface application for total flexibility.

Benefits of working with Multipix and Basler

In addition to offering complimentary products like frame grabbers, lenses and cabling;

  • Time is taken to discuss your requirements and offer the best camera advice
  • You benefit from a UK sales and support team with extensive vision knowledge.
  • Advice on all machine vision aspects ,from illumination to the image processing software and application solutions.
Applications and industries using line scan
  • Web inspection (wood, paper, foil, etc.)
  • High-speed high-resolution print inspection –
  • Surface inspection (printed circuit boards, flat panels and displays, semiconductors etc.)
  • Food inspection
  • Document scanning, and postal sorting


GigE Vision
  • 12V/DC Power Supply with HRS 6pin connector
  • 8-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch with 2 Gigabit Fibre SFP
  • PCIe Express GigE dualport Card
  • Intel Pro/1000 GT Desktop,PCI,Single Port
  • Power- I/O Cable, HRS 12p, open, twisted pair, 3m or 10m
  • GigE CAT6 cables
    Tripod Mounts
  • Power supply, hirose 6pin 12 V, 1.5 A
  • Tripod Mount
  • CameraLink cables in various lengths and configurations
  • Euresys GrabLink Express Frame grabber
  • Euresys GrabLink Dual Base Frame grabber
  • Powerful LED line lights – Prophotonix Cobra Slim, Max and Flex

Models Available

  • raL4096-24gm CMOS DR-4k-7 4096 x 1 26kHz
  • Basler Pylon SDK Data Sheet
  • Basler racer GigE Vision User Manual
  • FingerLake Instruments
  • Moritex
  • Basler
  • IO Industries
  • Euresys
  • Imperx