Camera Housings

autoVimation Salamander

autoVimation Salamander camera housing for all cameras with cross section from 47x29mm to 40x40mm (width x height).

Different length, rear walls and enclosure mounting kits available.

Flexible camera mounting inside the enclosure and passive camera cooling thanks to autoVimation’s patented Heat-Guide / Quick-Lock camera mounting system.

  • Robust build aluminium extrusion
  • Small form factor for easy integration
  • Flexible camera positioning (angle and position)
  • High chemical resistance due to Viton, NBR and TPE sealing materials
  • Multiple cable exit options on rear wall of housing


  • Mounting kits
  • Wind curtain and pneumatic shutter
  • 60mm extension for large lenses
  • Water cooling and heating

Models Available

Models Available

  • autoVimation Salamander camera housing

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