High Resolution Lenses

Basler 5 MP Lenses

Basler lenses ideal to accompany ace, pulse and dart camera series.

Basler offers machine vision lenses that are optimally designed for cameras with a sensor size of less than  1/2″, (e.g. 1/4″ or 1/3″). The sensor size of their new lens series is optimised for  1/2.5” (7.3 mm) – a range which accommodates nearly every standard machine vision application. The lenses deliver exceptionally high resolution of 5MP and facilitate a sharp image from the centre of the frame to the edge.  Ideally suited to the Basler ace, pulse and dart cameras. See models here.

Basler Lenses are optimised for a working distance of 0.5m to deliver the highest quality image used mostly commonly in machine vision applications. To make it even easier for the user to obtain the best image, they’ve marked the ideal aperture of the lenses with an orange dot. Basler Lenses come with locking screws for the focus and iris ring. This makes them suitable for highly demanding machine vision applications with vibrations or acceleration.

Models Available

  • Basler Lens C125-0418-5M F1.8 f4mm
  • Basler Lens C125-0618-5M F1.8 f6mm
  • Basler Lens C125-0818-5M F1.8 f8mm
  • Basler Lens C125-1218-5M F1.8 f12mm
  • Basler Lens C125-1620-5M F2.0 f16mm
  • Basler Lens C125-2522-5M F2.2 f25mm
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