Filter Wheels

FLI High Speed Filter Wheels

Adjacent filter distance is traveled in as fast as 23ms on the HS-625 model and 30ms on the HS-1025 and HS-1032 models, while the longest distance (180 degree wheel turn corresponding to three filter positions on the HS-625 and five positions on the HS-1025 and HS-1032) is covered in 45ms on the HS-625 model and 90ms on the HS-1025 and HS-1032 models.


The control system not only optimises the trajectory to result in maximum speed with minimum vibration, it also adapts to the changes in load. When filters are added or removed, the controller parameters must be adjusted in order to maintain peak performance. A built-in adaptation mechanism takes care of these adjustments providing optimum performance no matter what the operating conditions are.

Servo Motor Advantage

Encoder feedback sensors on the servo motors enable reliable operation compared to a stepper-motor-based open-loop motion system where step skipping may occur. However, the advantages of servo motors come at a cost of increased circuitry and controller complexity. This is addressed with state-of-the-art semiconductor components, a high-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor), and a sophisticated control algorithm.


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Models Available

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