IO Industries CORE View

CORE View is a free piece of software for use only with the IO Industries DVR Express CORE range.  This a new platform of DVR system known as the “Peripheral DVR”. It is available with camera interfaces for Camera Link, GigE Vision, 3G-SDI, NTSC/PAL, and S-Video cameras. Internal storage comprises of up to (4) 2.5″ SSDs in the quad-pack making the smallest direct-to-disk DVR package ever!

  • CoreView software is designed to provide an interface to each and every feature of the DVR Express Core. It provides an easy interface for adding multiple DVRs with seamless operation, no-matter how many cameras you choose to record from.
  • Timing synchronisation with CORE Views Signal manager; Generate signals, trigger the cameras, synch multiple Cores, and add timing from external time sources.
  • DVR Express Core devices can be easily integrated into any application using the CORE View SDK
  • DVR Express CORE  provides uncompressed recording to removable solid state drives
  • Remote control by external computer using CORE View
  • Data protection using RAID

Models Available

  • Core 2 MAX
  • Core 2

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