Filter Wheels

MidOpt FK200 Filter Kit

The FK200-27 comes with the ten most often recommended UV, VIS and NIR Machine Vision Filters. This compact test kit is an excellent resource for testing and evaluating image quality.

This MidOpt Filter Kit allows you to:

  • Test before investing in hardware
  • Control the variability of ambient light
  • Evaluate glare reduction
  • Solve applications quickly

Kit Includes:

  • Ten most recommended UV, VIS and NIR Machine Vision Filters
  • 27mm threaded mounts
  • Step-up and step-down rings to fit M25.5 and M30.5 lenses
  • Polarising film for light sources
  • Technical booklet with specs and application examples
  • Educational material to help in understanding filter use
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Compact, impact/static resistant case
  • Easy-to-track labeled filter slots
  • BP324-27 Near UV Bandpass
  • BP470-27 Blue Bandpass
  • BP505-27 Cyan Bandpass
  • BP525-27 Light Green Bandpass
  • BP550-27 NIR/UV Block-Visible Bandpass
  • BP590-27 Orange Bandpass
  • BP635-27 Light Red Bandpass
  • BP660-27 Dark Red Bandpass
  • BP850-27 NIR Bandpass
  • PR032-27 Linear Polariser
  • PS007 Polarising Film 125mm x 95mm
  • SU25.5-27 Step-Up Adapter
  • SD30.5-27 Step-Down Adapter

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