Machine Vision Cameras

Basler Sprint

Basler sprint cameras are the ultimate high-speed high-resolution line scan camera for the machine vision industry.

Dual-line CMOS sensor design

The sprint camera is based on a Basler designed dual-line CMOS sensor, available with either a monochrome or colour sensor.

This sensor has a very low noise level, is especially light sensitive, and provides excellent image quality, even under poor lighting conditions. In addition, the colour models provide outstanding colour fidelity.

Camera highlights
  • 8k resolution (2k and 4k also available) with Max. line rates of 70 kHz
  • Pixel size of 10μm x 10μm
  • New Colour Improvement available on the spL8192-39kcCI
  • Camera Link interface, which requires a frame grabber for the image capture and camera control / configuration.

Multipix Imaging is an experienced machine vision components supplier and offer advice on all aspects including frame grabber choice, lens, lighting, image processing software and so.

How many pixels do you need?

What resolution camera you should use depends on your application. Consider the following;

  • What is my field of view?
  • What is the smallest object or defect I am trying to detect?
  • Do I want to measure, detect, count or just visualise objects?

In addition to resolution you should also consider how fast the object is moving as this will determine the line rate you need the camera to run at.

Please give Multipix Imaging a call to discuss your application further.

Pylon Camera Software Suite

To assist camera integration, Basler have developed the pylon camera software suite which is based on the GenICam Technology.

GenICam ensures easy access to new cameras and features from a common platform. This helps developers to create a plug-and-play camera interface application for total flexibility.

Typical applications for Basler sprint

Basler ace industrial cameras are used where high resolution combined with high frame rates are required, such as;

  • Printing inspection and control ie newspapers, magazines, bank notes
  • Mail sorting and identification
  • Surface Inspection (e.g., paper, textiles, roads, railways)
  • Thin Film Inspection (e.g., bare glass inspection, coating inspection, and final inspection)


  • Power supply, hirose 6pin 12 V, 1.5 A
  • Tripod Mount
  • CameraLink cables in various lengths and configurations
  • Euresys GrabLink Express Frame grabber
  • Euresys GrabLink Dual Base Frame grabber
  • Euresys GrabLink Full Frame grabber
  • Powerful LED line lights – Prophotonix Cobra Slim, Max and Flex

Models Available

  • spL8192-39kc Dual Line CMOS 8192 x 2 38.6kHz
  • spL8192-39kc Dual Line CMOS 8192 x 2 38.6kHz
  • spL8192-50km Dual Line CMOS 8192 x 2 50kHz
  • spL8192-70km Dual Line CMOS 8192 x 2 70kHz
  • Basler Pylon SDK Data Sheet
  • Basler
  • Euresys
  • Moritex
  • FingerLake Instruments
  • IO Industries
  • Imperx