Pleora PT1000-CL

High-performance GigE Vision Connectivity for Camera Link cameras 

The Pleora PT1000-CL converts video data from Camera Link cameras to packets and transmits it over a GigE link with low, predictable latency. GigE supports cabling distances of up to 100 meters using standard CAT5e/6 cabling. With off-the-shelf Ethernet switches, distances can be unlimited.

The connection at the PC is a standard GigE plug, eliminating the need for a desktop PC with an available peripheral card slot.  A sophisticated on-board programmable logic controller (PLC) allows users to precisely measure, synchronize, trigger, and control the operation of other vision system elements.

  • Transmits video from Camera Link Base mode cameras over GigE with low, consistent latency
  • Built-in PLC for advanced real-time synchronization and triggering
  • Asynchronous serial communications connectivity over Camera Link, as well as an external connector

The PT1000-CL is bundled with Pleora’s feature-rich application toolkit, eBUS™ SDK, and compatible with Pleora’s vDisplay™ External Frame Grabbers, which deliver video directly to a monitor.


Pleora Development Kit

Pleora’s iPORT PT1000-CL4 Development Kit enables the rapid design of prototypes and proof-of-concept demonstrations of vision systems using the company’s iPORT PT1000-CL External Frame Grabbers. Kits are available supporting 16 MB or 128 MB SDRAM

Find out more about Pleora’s eBUS Software Development Kit

Models Available

  • Pleora PT1000-CL
  • Pleora eBUS SDK Data Sheet
  • IO Industries
  • Basler
  • Moritex
  • FingerLake Instruments
  • Imperx
  • Euresys