3D Cameras

SmartRay ECCO 35

Cutting-edge 3D sensors for Inspection, Guidance and Measurement

SmartRay sensors combine laser triangulation with innovative image formation technology to create detailed 3D images that can be processed by any 3rd party vision software. The latest ECCO family brings a new design philosophy to the 3D sensor market that delivers high performance, small size and lightweight construction.

The ECCO 35 Series offer the most economical 3D Sensors for simple, lower speed applications. They are easy to fit in any position on any production line due to their small size, low weight and all-in-one packaging.

Why use a 3D camera?

In virtually every industry, 3D Sensors are being used to optimise production processes, improve quality control and reduce manufacturing costs.

In many cases 3D Sensors are now being used in place of traditional vision systems, which are limited to 2 dimensional measurement, require lighting and optics to be selected, purchased and tested for each applications and often need time consuming calibration.

How does a 3D SmartRay camera work?

SmartRay 3D Sensors use laser triangulation. A laser line is projected onto the object, which is reflected back onto an image sensor. Due to the angle between the laser line and the image sensor, the reflected laser line appears at different positions in the image depending on the height of the object at each point. The 3D Sensor measures the profile of the object. Relative movement between the object and the 3D Sensor creates a full 3D model of the object.

Why buy a 3D SmartRay Camera?

SmartRayLogo-300x97SmartRay is specialise in 3D-sensors for measurements, quality controls and robot control. They ensure high-tech products “Made in Germany”. With the help of this technology, manufacturers can improve the quality of their products, optimise automation processes and lower production costs. SmartRay focus 100% on 3D and develop a comprehensive product portfolio giving solutions to a wide range of 3D-applications.

Models Available

  • ECCO 35.050
  • ECCO 35.100
  • Basler
  • Moritex
  • Euresys
  • IO Industries
  • Imperx
  • FingerLake Instruments