General Purpose

Tamron Day/Night

Tamron offers a series of 1/3″ format IR-compatible fixed focal length lenses covering a complete range from 2.2mm for an ultra wide-angle view of 118.6 degrees to 8mm for an angle of view of 34.5 degrees.

Features of Tamron IR Lens Series

  • Supports day-to-night surveillance;
  • Ensures high resolution performance;
  • Vari-Focal lenses and fixed-focal length lenses are prepared;
  • Manual-iris and auto-iris models are available for both Vari-Focal and fixed focal length lenses;
  • A wide range of lenses consisting of 20 models in ten different optical designs is available;
  • Vari-Focal lenses cover wide angles of view while realising high magnification ratios (2.8-11mm);
  • Supports a wide range of surveillance applications by realising the minimum aperture of F/360 in all DC auto-iris models;
  • Equipped with lock mechanisms.

Models Available

  • 13FM22IR, 2.2mm, f1.2
  • 13FM28IR, 2.8mm, f1.2
  • 13FM04IR, 4mm, f1.2
  • 13FM06IR, 6mm, f1.2
  • 13FM08IR, 8mm, f1.2
  • 13FG22IR ,2.2mm, f1.2, DC Auto Iris
  • 13FG28IR, 2.8mm, f1.2, DC Auto Iris
  • 13FG04IR, 4mm, f1.2, DC Auto Iris
  • 13FG06IR, 6mm, f1.2, DC Auto Iris
  • 13FG08IR, 8mm, f1.2, DC Auto Iris
  • Euresys
  • IO Industries
  • Basler
  • FingerLake Instruments
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