Tamron Megapixel Varifocal Lenses

The Tamron Varifocal Lens Series delivers Mega-pixel image quality not only in the centre but also in the corners of the image held, providing the mega-pixel resolution quality needed for image cropping and enlarging of image, irrespective of the location of the subject on the screen. This ensures that subject faces and other relevant information can be clearly identified and distinguished, making the Tamron Varifocal Lens an ideal solution for high resolution network surveillance applications. In fact all lenses of the Tamron Mega-Pixel Lens Series lineup deliver Flat-Field Mega-Pixel resolution.

Models Available

  • M13VM308
  • M13VM246
  • M13VM550
  • M12VM412
  • M13VG308
  • M13VG246
  • M13VG550
  • M12VG412
  • Imperx
  • Basler
  • IO Industries
  • FingerLake Instruments
  • Moritex
  • Euresys