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  • Creating custom inspection tools with MERLIC

    MVTec’s MERLIC software enables users to quickly develop and deploy complete machine vision software solutions without the need to write software code. For non-tradtional and more challenging applications, standard tools may…

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  • Shape-based matching with MVTec’s HALCON 12

    MVTec’s HALCON makes use of superior subpixel-accurate matching technology which finds objects robustly and accurately in real-time. This works even if the objects are rotated, scaled, perspectively distorted, locally deformed, partially…

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  • How to save an image with overlay in HALCON

    Halcon Imaging software

    HALCON enables the user to save the content of the graphics window to a file: dump_window. This is helpful, for example, if image processing results should be available later on…

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  • HALCON 12: Stereo analysis with binocular_disparity_ms

    The operator binocular_disparity_ms has been introduced with HALCON 12. It is used to compute the disparities of a rectified stereo image pair via multi-scanline optimisation. The operator calculates the disparities…

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