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  • The Just In Time Compiler, a new feature in HALCON 12

    The Just In Time Compiler (JIT), is designed to speed up processes without the necessity to use a compiled language such as C, C++ or C#. Thus, HDevEngine executed code can…

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  • Linear Algebra with HALCON 12

    Developers of machine vision applications often require extra functionality that is not directly related to image processing. One frequent task, for example, is curve fitting. MVTec’s HALCON 12 provides linear…

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  • Create a 3D scene in HALCON 12

    Here we introduce the new concept of 3D scenes that comes with HALCON 12. The main feature of it is that you can visualise complex 3D scenes very fast. Also you…

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  • Multi-dimensional vector in Halcon 12

    Halcon Imaging Software

    HALCON 12 introduce a new data type named ‘vector’. Vectors allow you to create multi-dimensional arrays, which was not possible using tuples. Vectors can store iconic objects as well as…

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