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  • Example program in HALCON 12

    Halcon tools example programs

    Follow the video link and learn how to find a suitable example program for your application using HALCON 12

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  • HALCON: Bitmap HImage Conversion

    Implementing HALCON in an existing application will need some preparations. The current infrastructure of the program will make it necessary to integrate the HALCON procedures in the work flow. Images…

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  • HALCON: Optimising Speed when using Shape-based Matching

    Halcon software shape based matching

    HALCON’s pattern matching functions come with default settings that do the job for the vast majority of applications. This makes them easy-to-use. Sometimes, however, an object may evade detection or…

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  • HALCON: Memory management in .NET

    Writing applications in .NET languages, e.g. C#, is quite popular and one benefit is of course that the programmer does not need to worry about memory management. .NET provides a…

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