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  • HALCON 12: 3D Vision Support Manual

    With HALCON you can perform 3D vision in various ways. The main applications comprise the 3D position recognition and the 3D inspection, which both consist of several different approaches with different characteristics,…

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  • Deformable Surface-Based Matching in HALCON 12

    surface based matching in halcon

    One of the most exciting features introduced in HALCON 10 was the ability to locate objects in a 3D point cloud based on matching their 3D surface profiles to a…

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  • Updated MLP Classification in HALCON 12

    meaningful confidences

    The MLP classifier in HALCON has always been known for excellent classification results. In HALCON 12 it has been enhanced in several ways: Training can now be done using a…

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  • Optical Character Recognition in Halcon 12

    OCR example

    Optical Character Recognition has traditionally been performed using a 2 step process in HALCON: First the characters in the image are segmented from the image background. Next the characters are…

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