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  • Better OCR With Deep Learning and Syntax Correction With HALCON

    The two most recent milestones in the evolution of HALCON’s OCR were the automatic text reader in HALCON 12 and the deep-learning-based classifier in HALCON 13. The former made OCR…

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  • Multithreading with HALCON

    A blocking call in the GUI thread also blocks the visualisation of HALCON: Instead of seeing the desired result, a black HALCON window is displayed. To overcome this problem, we…

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  • 3D Pose within HALCON

    HALCON¬†provides numerous methods to determine the 3D pose of a part. Telling a robot where the part is located in 3D space by no means guarantees it can be picked…

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  • New Visualisation in HALCON 13

    The visualisation in HALCON 13 has been completely rewritten. You might not notice these differences if you are a standard HDevelop user. However, if you are developing your vision application…

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