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  • HALCON 13 introduces a new .NET control

    HALCON 13 introduced a new .NET control for visualisation that implements basic functionality such as panning and zooming using the mouse wheel. When you add a reference to the HALCON/.NET…

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  • How to Ensure Accurate Measurement with Calibration

    You have chosen a camera and lens and mounted them in your setup. Everything works well but you want to know how accurate your measurements actually are. Do they meet…

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  • Shape-based Matching CAD Models with HALCON

    HALCON’s Shape Based Matching is typically used for position recognition or alignment. For that, a pattern is trained once, and then searched for in subsequent images. There are a few…

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  • Segmenting With HALCON’s MSER

    In machine vision, segmentation is the means by which an object in an image is separated from the background in an image. HALCON offers many tools for segmentation including Thresholding,…

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