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  • Closing Gaps of 3D Object Models with HALCON

    Proper visualisation of 3D objects is becoming increasingly important. This requirement brings along another task: proper 3D object processing. In this context, HALCON introduced various tasks of object processing and…

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  • The Benefits of Working with HALCON’s HDevEngine

    HDevEngine allows de­velopers to execute HDevelop code within their C# or C++ application. To better understand the benefits of using HDevEngine, let’s have a quick look at the “traditional” way…

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  • Line detection using tracking approaches with HALCON

    A standard task in image processing is the detection of lines. HALCON provides the powerful operator lines_gauss or lines_color for the extraction of lines. These operators are the first choice…

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  • HALCON 13 Preview: HDevEngine Debugging

    With HALCON 13, HDevEngine applications can now be de-bugged directly within HDevelop. HDevEngine allows developers to execute HDevelop code within their C# or C++ application. By attaching HDevelop to this…

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