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  • Fast 3D data processing using outlier detection with HALCON

    Most 3D sensors make use of one or more area scan cameras, so that the resulting 3D coordinates are usually distributed on a (pseudo-)regular grid. We can benefit from this…

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  • Improved drawing functions in HALCON 12

    HALCON offers functions for the interactive drawing of regions of interest such as draw_rectangle2. These functions are often used to enable a production engineer to train new parts or define…

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  • HALCON 13: Texture inspection

    Texture inspection can be a very difficult and challenging task, because textures often have very different characteristics such as scale or brightness. The selection and adjustment of the parameters that…

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  • HALCON Shape-Based Matching with CAD Data

    HALCON’s shape-based matching can create templates from both images and CAD data. You can import CAD files into HALCON with the operator read_contour_xld_dxf: read_contour_xld_dxf (Contours, ‘cadfile.dxf’, [], [], DxfStatus) The result…

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