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  • MVTec’s HALCON now supports CoaXPress

    CoaXPress logo

    CoaXPress, high speed serial communication standard for the transmission of video and still images is being used widely. This standard enables high data rates to be sent over long cable…

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  • HALCON helps speed up image classification

    Classification is a very important method often used in image processing. It can be utilised for directly segmenting an image into known classes, i.e. pixels are classified and grouped into…

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  • MERLIC’s Multiple Remote Frontends

    MVTec MERLIC provides an easy to use, all-in-one machine vision software package that allows users of all technical backgrounds to quickly create solutions to standard machine vision applications, develop the user…

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  • Making use of Measuring Tools with MERLIC

    In the automation industry, vision-based measurement of objects and object features has been used for many years to improve the reliability and throughput of quality control manufacturing processes. Today, you…

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