• Introducing FLIR Ax5 Series Compact Thermal Imaging Cameras

    The FLIR Ax5-Series is the perfect solution for those applications that require the benefits of a thermal image. The FLIR Ax5-Series camera has features and functions that make it the…

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  • Deep-learning-based OCR with MVTec MERLIC

    This video gives insights into the deep-learning-based OCR technologies included in MVTec MERLIC. The new OCR classifier allows MERLIC to achieve higher-than-ever recognition rates of number and character combinations on…

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  • What is HALCON Embedded?

    This video explains how embedded architectures differ from typical setups in machine vision and shows how the full power of MVTec’s standard software HALCON can be brought to your embedded…

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  • Datalogic MX-E Series

    Datalogic presents the new MX-E series of GigE vision processors. State-of-the-art family equipped with Datalogic IMPACT Software. Typical applications: robot & laser guidance, electronic component and PCB, automotive part and…

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