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Real-Time Vision Systems for Local Situational Awareness in Land-Based Military Vehicles

One of the biggest opportunities to increase the safety and tactical advantage of troops in combat operations lies in incorporating today’s most advanced digital vision sensors into the LSA systems of land-based vehicles.  These sensors offer several times the capability of previous generations, making it possible to positively identify an object or person miles away, even at night.

Moreover, unlike the outputs of analog sensors, the all-digital image streams generated by advanced sensors can be fed directly into sophisticated in-vehicle digital processing applications, improving the precision of tasks like surveillance and targeting.

New-generation vision sensors create a substantial opportunity, but also pose a significant challenge. Behind the crisp, high-definition images they produce are millions of pixels of high-speed digital data. To fully leverage the potential of this data in LSA systems, it must be distributed, displayed, and processed in real time with ultra-high reliability.

One retrofit scenario using Pleora’s networked video connectivity solution elements


This paper outlines the video connectivity requirements of new-generation LSA systems in detail. It compares the cost and performance of several different connectivity technologies and provides a detailed analysis of the benefits of using standard Ethernet equipment for the transport platform.

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The need for real-time uncompressed video places a significant burden on networks. In industrial vision systems, glass-to-glass latency thresholds are in the order of 130 milliseconds (ms) or less. For image-guided surgery or military closed hatch driving applications, designers aim for end-to-end latency of 85 ms or less.

Why not also find out more about ‘Understanding Latency in Real-Time Imaging Systems’? You can also download this White Paper.

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