3D LED Light with Pattern projector

Opto Engineering produce some very clever 3D LED lighting including the LTPRSM series.  Specifically designed for the most demanding 3D profiling and measurement applications.

Triangulation techniques require that structured light be directed onto a sample at a considerable angle from vertical. Tilting the light source pattern becomes essential to ensure that patterned light is properly and homogeneously focused across the entire sample surface.

LTPRSM pattern projectors integrate a precision tilting mechanism based on the Scheimpflug criterion. This also ensures that the focus doesn’t change when the pattern is tilted. Moreover, the internal focus mechanism offers the maximum optical throughput. The projected light path is effectively coupled to the pupil aperture of any C-mount lens.

Key features include:

  • Scheimpflug tilt adjustment for homogeneous focusing of the pattern features
  • Tilt adjustment compatible with C-mount optics focus is maintained even when the pattern is tilted
  • Light Condenser focusing mechanism for excellent optical coupling and light throughput
  • Enhanced optical power due to the high numerical aperture condenser lens

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