High Resolution, High Bandwidth, PRO Camera

Introducing the all new 8K PRO Colour Line Scan Camera from HIKROBOT.

The MV-CL086-91CC-PRO is one of the latest line scan cameras to enter the CL Series from HIKROBOT.

This new model supports some new camera features, such as high SNR, Purple Edge Algorithm, and super palette! The new 8K PRO supports TDI function to select different image modes with a 8192×6 CMOS sensor.

  • High SNR Mode
    • Reduce sensor noise
    • Improve image SNR by 6dB
  • Purple Edge Algorithm
    • Suppress edge dispersion
    • Improve image quality
  • Super Palette
    • Adjust HUE and saturation of single colour
    • Obtain the most suitable colour for application requirement

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