A New Way to Master Image Processing

Vision Master, Image Processing Software coming soon!

All new ‘drag and drop’ style image processing software from HIKROBOT, VM (Vision Master) is a machine vision software that is committed to providing users with the best algorithm tools.

VM allows users to quickly build vision applications and solve visual inspection tasks. The software comes with a full library of tools and even has Deep Learning modules for Image Segmentation, Character Training, Image Classification, Object Detection, and much more!

Graphical interface & easy-to-use interaction.

The intuitive graphical interface makes VM easy-to-use and understand. the drag and drop nature of the software means no programming is required to create an application and deploy!

Complete external resource management, can control cameras, IOs, light sources.

The VM integrates the SDKs of various interfaces of industrial cameras, smart cameras, vision controllers and other devices, and embeds efficient and stable occupation and control logic, which has good compatibility with external device resources and can establish a complete management mechanism.

High-performance deep learning algorithm

The VM algorithm platform is equipped with high-performance deep learning algorithms. After a large number of cases, the optimized algorithm can have good adaptability to common detection products. The deep learning algorithm provides modules such as classification, target detection, character positioning and recognition, and segmentation.


Efficient positioning tool, matching tool can overcome the differences caused by sample translation, rotation, zoom and illumination. Quickly and accurately find the position of geometric objects such as circles, lines, spots, edges, and vertices.


Provide continuous, accurate and high-speed reading of ID information required for component tracking: OCR algorithm based on deep learning can adapt to the recognition of complex background, low-contrast, and deformed characters.


Accurately identify defects in the surface, shape, and contour of the part: detect small surface scratches and spots based on deep learning technology, which can overcome the surface texture, color, and noise interference.

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