ADLINK NEON 2000 JT2 – AI Smart Camera for Factory Automation

ADLINK Technology has introduced the NEON-2000-JT2, an all-in-one, ready-to-deploy AI smart cameras that reduces AI developers’ efforts on integration, validation, and development. It is ideal for ‘Edge’ based AI and where space constraints are a factor.

The new smart camera is powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX2 AI modules to provide an all-in-one design, a small footprint and a pre-installed software suite.

The AI-enabled smart camera provides an image sensor and GPU module integration with FPGA based Digital I/O design that provides accurate H/W triggering and the USB Type-C hub reduces cable connection. It has a ruggedised design and has been validated for shock, vibration and temperature stability for high reliability operation in industrial settings.

The ADLINK NEON-2000-JT2 was developed to increase the production efficiency in labour-intensive manufacturing industries that require quality insurance and inspection critical to production.

This AI-platform does not come with turnkey software inspection tools – it is an open platform, intended for the customer that is developing AI solutions and looking for a reliable and robust smart camera for deployment at the Edge.

Image Processing libraries such as MVTec’s HALCON and Euresys Open eVision are ideal for creating powerful Deep Learning solutions.


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