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Robotic Welding Defect Detection with AI

97% Accuracy with EDGE AI!

ADLINK & Intel have developed an automated defect-detection solution for robotic welding. Using machine vision with AI to increase output, improve quality and reduce cost.

The system detects welding porosity defects and stops the welding process which is being performed by a robotic arm. Sending stop commands to the robot when a defect is identified – all in real time at the edge has proven 97% accuracy in detection weld porosity defects.

The ADLINK system uses the well-validated EOS-i6000-M PC featuring 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9700E processor, 4x intel Movidius Myriad X VPUs and optimized with the intel distribution of OpenVINO toolkit.

Smart just got a new meaning…

Take your first steps towards EDGE AI with the ADLINK NEON smart camera solution.

See welds up close like never before!

With this machine vision solution, manufactures can see welds up close in a way like never before possible with manual inspection. Frame by frame, allowing defects to be detected and acted upon in real time.