Automation for everyone – free training from the Masters of Automated Bin Picking

Photoneo have won accolade and award for their ingenious 3D imaging cameras. Now, they are doing the same for their Bin Picking Studio.

Thanks to them, their moto, ‘Automation is for everyone’ is really becoming a reality! It is the future, as we head into a modern industrial world. And Photoneo can help prepare for all the challenges automation can bring. They have developed one of the most universal tools for industrial automation – the Bin Picking Studio. It allows you to automate your processes even if you do not have a large team of engineers or a vast budget. 

Join Photoneo on their Bin Picking Studio introductory training which is taking place on 25 February, 09:00 am – 10:30 am GMT and get to know more about the most versatile robotic intelligence tool on the market – for which no challenge is too great or too small!

The free introductory training session will guide you through major challenges you may encounter as well as the most important requirements for 3D vision systems deployed in bin picking applications.

(And if you cannot make the February training, they promise to repeat at a later date).

Automation is for everyone – from the Masters of Bin Picking, Photoneo

1.5 hour free session – 25th Feb 9am start (UK time)

In addition, Multipix Imaging are the official UK distributor for Photoneo and their product range. Our Technology Specialists and Support team are fully trained, working closely with Photoneo and are here to help and support applications within the UK & Ireland. Multipix Imaging work with professional machine vision integrators and together can automate your application.