LED Backlights From Opto Engineering Target Demanding Industrial Automation Environments

Featuring uniformity down to ±10 %, the LTBP strobed LED backlights from Opto Engineering are designed for operation in inspection and measurement of fast moving objects in industrial automation applications.

The LED backlights are available in multiple size options and models, ranging from 48 x 36 to 288 x 216 mm, in red, white, green, and blue models. When positioned behind the objects to be inspected, the LTBP series highlights a silhouette, providing image contrast and high illuminance with exposure times as low as tens of ?s. In addition to strobe mode, the lights work in continuous mode for alignment/setting purpose, when used with the LTDV1CH-17V controller. Furthermore, the lights feature M8/M12 connectors, scratch-resistant protective covering, and a reduced thickness of 26 mm.

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