Basler is expanding its portfolio with the new board-level series called dart. The cameras use various Aptina CMOS sensors with 1.2 to 5 MP resolution and deliver up to 54 images per second through the USB 3.0 interface. Customers can choose among three mount models: S mount, CS mount and bare board without mount, which offers them great flexibility during system setup. The bare board variant measures just 27 mm x 27 mm and weighs 5g, while the two mount versions measure only 29 mm x 29 mm and weigh about 15 g.

These mechanical design parameters and compliance with the USB3 Vision standard simplify integration of both hardware and software. Like all Basler products the Basler dart also offers an extremely appealing price-performance ratio.

Basler comment “The dart series is a real all-rounder and is very flexible. And it is currently one of the smallest and most cost-effective USB3 Vision cameras. With the product launch we are already seeing an extremely high level of interest from conventional industrial sectors but also from microscopy and the ITS industry. The combination of small size, very good image quality, easy integration thanks to USB3 Vision compliance and the favorable prices has been very well received.”

Take a look at the series models available here

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