As the successful Basler ace Series expands further with 20 new sensor models, Basler also divide the series into three product lines: ace classic, ace U and ace L for a clearer selection of the various ace models and a better distinction of their features.

ace classic includes the ace models with CMOS sensors from the manufacturers CMOSIS, e2V and ON Semiconductor (formerly Aptina) as well as CCD sensors from Sony.

ace U includes models with Pregius and STARVIS sensors from Sony as well as PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor.

ace L product line offers ace models with the high-resolution 9 and 12 MP sensors up to 1.1″ from the Sony Pregius series.

All ace U and ace L models have the unique Feature Set PGI from Basler. With models ranging from VGA to 14 MP and up to 750 fps, look no further, there really is a model every application!